"...What appeals to me about watercolor is that the medium encourages, even requires, an exploration of transparency and abstraction. It allows me to capture light and reveals layered spaces. Painting on site is working with a moving target: the sun shifts, obliterating what I thought was important and eliciting detail in light, shadow, and shade that I did not recognize existed..." - Elliot Paul Rothman, P.96

Published February 2004
Author: Elliot Paul Rothman
Graphic Designer: Leslie Feagley
South China Printing Company, Ltd.
ISBN No. 0-615-12473-9
Price: $25

Painting on Site by Elliot Paul Rothman contains 69 of his watercolors and 9 crayon pastels, painted on the sites he visited in sixteen countries over the past fourteen years. Works featured in the book can also be purchased as Iris prints. Selected original watercolors are also available for purchase. Please contact Elliot Paul Rothman for additional information.